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Πουκάμισο Alina Artisan Crew Neck Shirt - Me369
ME369 Fashion

Shirt Alina Artisan Crew Neck - Me369


Me369 fashion. Mixed print geometric shirt. Front of the shirt is shorter than the back. Front hemline goes straight across and the back hemline is rounded. Button down crew neck top with wide sleeves. Sleeves have a large floral graphic towards the bottom. Body of the shirt has variegated checks; sleeves are green striped. Back features a geometric background in blue and white with stars and circus tents and reads,’Dream of Me”. Pair with jeans or our casual pants for a fun, boho chic look.


Composition: Viscose 100%

Me369 is energy, It is passion and creativity. A fresh up-to-date Style & Language, The everyday you, and when you are feeling special It's your ME time, all day long.

Enjoy the strength of desirable luxury,

It's time to BE. It's time to ME.

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